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UAE National Sports Day

Being active is an important part of our wellbeing and happiness whether we are teachers, parents or students!

Al Ameen celebrated the first UAE National sports Day on November 25th, 2015 to promote healthy living as well as instill the spirit of sporting competitions which in turn helps to create a harmonious society.

The theme of the inaugural National Sports Day was UAE _Unites _ Us

This is a sports day of a national nature, involving aerobics as well as sports, recreational, promotional, communal, educational and competitive activities, which epitomize the cohesion of community segments and reflect the intimacy, harmony and positive interaction among multi- cultures living peacefully and happily in the UAE.

Al Ameen celebrated the event by organizing pyramid formations to show the team work, yoga depicting peace and harmony and our tiny tots enjoyed the day by participating in hurdles race and shuttle run. Our school team and staff played the national game- football to show our team spirit.