Dear Reader,

It appears as though the fine line between academic terms diminishes in the blink of an eye. Here we are - at the close of term 1 and on the threshold of term 2 - ready to step into the excitement of 2020.

And what a fine first term it has been. An enhanced rating, celebrations for children, teachers and grandparents (keep everyone happy, we say!), examinations and plenty of new feathers added to our already plumose cap.

This newsletter is only a sneak peek at the goings-on at school. Tough to summarise three fully-loaded months into a few pages, but here we are...!


September 2019 - 20

No sweat, we are ready. A dwindling summer and a fresh school year - what more could one ask for?
A phenomenal term packed with new skills learnt, laurels accomplished by our students and another milestone achieved in the MSB journey. Words of wisdom for our MSBians: Have a growth mindset and work towards the 30 counsels stated by Moulana Ali (SA).

Orientation Day

Presentations by the school Principal and SLT brought parents up-to-speed on the plans and expectations for the upcoming academic year. New staff were introduced and parents' questions were addressed.


KS4 visited the Dubai Public Prosecution under the supervision of prosecutors and policemen. The event was managed by the hosts of the Nibras program, designed to inform children under the age of 18 on how to avoid a crime-filled life and live peacefully.

Investiture Ceremony

A grand ceremony marking the significance of student empowerment and leadership, themed on 'Walk the Talk'. The newly appointed Student Council were sworn in to their positions. They took the podium and shared their thoughts with the audience. Drumroll!

Event Checklist

  • Sep 15
    First day of school
  • Sep 21
    Orientation Day
  • Sep 22
    Nibras - Years 10, 11
  • Sep 30
    Investiture Ceremony

October 2019 - 20

The time to harvest. Being the centrepoint of the first term, October days were jam-packed with events, assemblies, workshops and activities.

Grandparents' Day

Secondary students captured special moments with their grandparents on the camera. The primary campus had visits from the grand-folk who took charge of classes. Our young ones made cards for them and showered love.

World Teachers' Day

Year 10 lit up the hall (literally) with candles and a sparkling performance. The show was funny, insightful and ably supported by a backdrop of 'thank-yous' in languages from around the world, prepared by a creative crew from year 9.

World Food Day

In line with our commitment to sustainability goals and community outreach, MSB incorporated school-wide programs for students to recognise the hunger and nourishment issues that the world faces today. It was celebrated as a No Pens day.

Double Dialogue

Cool chats over hot beverages. Our team had open discussions with primary parents about children and parenting. Ideas, discovery and knowledge sharing followed.


Event Checklist

  • Oct 02
    Grandparents' Day
  • Oct 06
    World Teachers' Day
  • Oct 12
    Library week - Juniors
  • Oct 13 -17
    Interschool art competition years 2-8
  • Oct 14
    Career counselling - Ms. Tyebkhan, years 9-11
  • Oct 16
    World Food Day
  • Oct 17
    Parent participation interschool art - FS2, year 1
  • Oct 18
    Dubai Fitness Challenge commences
  • Oct 20
    Lecture on AI and data security - Mr. Lokhandwala, years 9, 10
    Mock drill - Secondary
  • Oct 20-24
    Parent reading - Juniors
  • Oct 21
    Mock drill - Primary
  • Oct 23
    DD* - KS1
  • Oct 24
    Pyjama party - FS
    Field trip - FS2 (fire station)
    Assembly - Year 6B (Skit)
    Educational trip to Burhani Masjid, Dubai - Year 4
    DD - FS
  • Oct 29
    Field trip - FS1 (OliOli)
  • Oct 30
    Leadership workshop - Mr. Campwala, Student Council
  • Oct 31
    Visit to Sharjah Book Fair - Year 8
    Author session - Ms. Celine Santini years 9-11
  • *DD - Double Dialogue

MSB Dubai elevated to a 'Very Good' rating by KHDA Dubai School Inspection Bureau.
2019 - 20

November 2019 - 20

...Say yes to No-vember. It was time to pull up our socks. And turn our attention to physical fitness, mental peace and emotional acceptance.

Flag Day

We hoisted the UAE flag with honour and pride. Salute to a great nation.

Robotics Expo

Our students took a tour and glanced at future technological advancements in robotics.

Tolerance Day & Anti-Bullying Week

School-wide activities and discussions emphasised the importance of tolerance and taking a stand against bullying. Our Happy Socks initiative shoe-d away the gloom.

MUN @ Delhi Private School (Dubai)

Best Position Paper in UNESCO awarded to Taher Zainuddin (year 7). Best Position Paper in General Assembly 1 awarded to Shabbar Rationwala (year 10). Well done!

Dubai Fitness Challenge 30X30

A month of circuit training, strengthening sessions, yoga, endurance, laughter club and more - with active parent participation and focusing on the overall fitness of children - culminated on November 16.

International Children's Day

Plenty of plans in place, and then... thunderstorms and a holiday! No wonder they call it a rain check. Undeterred, MSB celebrated with a special teachers' assembly and snacks for our students on the next school day.

Event Checklist

  • Nov 03
    Flag Day
  • Nov 03
    Assembly - Year 2C (Skit)
  • Nov 04
    Assembly - Years 8A, 8B (Refugee boy)
    Assembly - 4C (Rights of a reader)
  • Nov 06
    Assembly - FS2 Tulip (Trip to space)
  • Nov 07
    Assembly - Year 2 (Friendship)
  • Nov 11
    Robotics Expo
  • Nov 14
    Tolerance Day
    Assembly - Year 8C (Anti-bullying)
  • Nov 16
    Dubai Fitness Challenge ends
  • Nov 17
    Assembly - Year 5A (Anti-bullying)
  • Nov 19
    PCM - Year 11
  • Nov 20
    International Children's Day
  • Nov 21
    Teachers' assembly
    IELTS ambassador training workshop (at British Council Dubai)
  • Nov 14 -21
    Anti-bullying week
  • Nov 22
    Well-being survey years 8-11
  • Nov 25
    First term examinations commence (years 8-11)
    MSB participation in exhibition by Dubai Chambers (Hatim Kachwala 9A)
    Assembly - FS2 Daisy (We are all different but important)
  • Nov 27
    MSB participation - ENBD Poetry
  • Nov 28
    First term examinations commence (years 3-7)
    Martyrs Day
    UAE National Day
    Assembly - FS2 Violet
    Arabic department assembly

December 2019 - 20

No cold shoulders please! Students from years 1 to 10 burnt the midnight oil for their exams. We rewarded them with a cozy winter break. :-)

Event Checklist

  • Dec 04
    First term examinations commence (KS1)
  • Dec 05
    Assembly - FS1 Rose (Four magic words)
  • Dec 10
    PCM - FS
  • Dec 11
    Assembly - FS1 Sunflower (Skit)
  • Dec 12
    First term examinations end
  • Dec 15 - Jan 02
    Winter break

1. What is FLL?

FLL stands for First Lego League. It is an international competition that happens every
2-3 years and it includes schools from all around the world.

2. What are you making?

In FLL we are basically making three things that we will show to the judges to qualify for the next round. First is the Robot Game where we have a robot which will do different tasks, second is the Project where we show how to solve a real-life problem and third is a poster which represents FLL's Core Values.

3. What is your aim in this project?

(Talking about the Robot Game.) Here in 2 minutes and 30 seconds we have to solve daily life problems and earn as many points as we can.

4. Are you enjoying it?


5. Why do you like it?

We love strategising. It involves hard work and team work.
We like to build Lego. It is fun solving real-life problems.

High and Mighty

Our young achievers.

Mariyah Baughwala

Year 1B | KS1 winner
Art competition: Coexistence
Story - Tolerance

Husaina Kushalgarhwala

Year 1C | Winner
Art competition: Young Times

Mohammed Rajkotwala

Year 10
Selected IELTS Ambassador for MSB by British Council

Red House (boys)

Years 7-11 | Winners
Inter-house football match

MUN @ DPS, Dubai

Best Position Paper awards in their committees:
Taher Zainuddin (year 7) in UNESCO
Shabbar Rationwala (year 10) in General Assembly

Insiya Saifee

Year 10 | Selected finalist
ENBD Poetry for All competition
(Finals in February 2020)

MSB Dubai

Third position - Group
International MSB Naat Competition, Indore

Green House (girls)

Inter-house basketball match

High Quote