Dear Reader,

January wondered, "Will February March?"
"No," said June, "but April May!"

Welcome to the close of term 2 - we got here faster than we could say get-set-go! Soaring through the first quarter, landing safely on the serene sands of spring break and hobnobbing with the frontbenchers of term 3. (No surprise it’s called a leap year!)

The first term’s energy only grew in the second. High-octane events found their place with technological triumphs. And in an ocean of knowledge, we found our STREAMS*.

There is a great deal to tell you, so buckle up and prepare for the ride.


(*STREAMS: Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art, Mathematics, Social Studies)

January 2020

2020. Opportunities aplenty. We warmed up for action in the winter chill. And app-roved of parents who were hooked on to their mobiles.
Tracking of individuals and cohorts is extensive at MSB. A strong training programme helps teachers optimise the use of assessment information on students’ thinking.
(Spoken after: Receiving the PISA 2018 results and MSB being well above the Vision 2021 National Target.)

Introduction of A levels

MSB is already among the A-listers, and now our curriculum plan extends up to year 13. We’re as enthused as our students and parents. And equally excited to open our doors to new and talented applicants.

TED Talk

Can adults learn anything from children? Think quick forgiveness, carefree attitudes, straightforward conversations and being a child at heart. So that would be a "yes", said Tasneem Gadiwala of year 10 in a TED Talk that inspired and enlightened.

MSB’s Mobile App

Our parents are a download away from regular updates and information from the school. Read, browse, write, explore and review. The Mobile App is your window to the MSB world. Tap in and find it all at your fingertips...

Far Beyond Facts!

By the year 2022, annual mobile app downloads are predicted to reach 258 billion. That is an overall 45 percent increase from 178 billion downloads in the year 2017.

(Source: XICOM)


A truly sad worldwide phenomenon. An event that went on to cause the cancellation of several events. MSB is highly committed to the health, safety and security of its students and staff. Seminars, talks and demonstrations through the term have kept everyone updated and aware. We earnestly pray for the quick recovery of all affected in the world.

Event Checklist

  • Jan 6
    School reopens
  • Jan 8-9
    1st international inter-MSB table tennis competition (9 students) Raipur, India - Secondary
  • Jan 9
    Grandparent session - Year 6A
  • Jan 9
    Training by Reading Planet - FS teachers
  • Jan 12
    Intervention Programme - Parents induction - Years 1, 2
  • Jan 14
    Field trip - KIDZANIA Dubai, entry point for IPC Project - Year 1
  • Jan 15
    Field trip - Emirates Park Zoo
    Abu Dhabi, entry point for IPC Project - Year 2
  • Jan 16
    Discipline - UAE: A Role Model - Year 1A
  • Jan 16
    General Knowledge Quiz competition (3 students)
    Credence High School - Secondary
  • Jan 16
    Inter-school Throwball competition (12 students)
    Aktiv Nation, Dubai - Secondary
  • Jan 16
    Assembly - Good Habits - FS1 Rose
  • Jan 16-23
    Professional Parent Talks - Year 1
  • Jan 18
    First Lego League (FLL), Kings School, Dubai - KS2, KS3
  • Jan 19
    Field trip - Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo - FS2
  • Jan 20
    PCM, Story book sale - Years 1-10
  • Jan 22
    TED Talk - What adults can learn from kids - Year 10
  • Jan 22
    MSB Mobile App launch
    The Applause Contest!
  • Jan 23
    Assembly - Sympathy and Empathy - Year 6C
  • Jan 23
    Assembly - Green Squad Saving Planet Earth - Year 1B
    Assembly - Impact of Positive Language - Year 5C
  • Jan 26-30
    UAE Social Studies Week - FS-Year 10
  • Jan 26-30
    Interclass competition - Celebrating different cultures - Years 3-10

February 2020

So much to do... We just added an extra day. It was the season to be a sport and focus on health and fitness. But avoid dangerous exercises like jumping to conclusions and pushing your luck.

Aqa Maula TUS Tashreef Awri

We were blessed a million-fold with the Tashreef Awri of our beloved Aqa Maula Al-Dai Al-Ajal Syedna Aali Qadr Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS at Shareqa. The barakat we received was felt in our learning and our lives. Alhamdolillah.

Double Dialogue KS4

We vouch for the teamwork triangle of students, teachers and parents. Adding to this robust equation was Ms. Rema Menon – a careers, education and child welfare specialist. We hope you didn’t miss out.

Emirates Airline Festival of Literature

Through a 5G-enabled live stream, our boys from years 6-11 witnessed the ‘Eight Days in Space’ session featuring Emirati space pioneers Hazza Al Mansoori, Sultan Al Neyadi and Salem Al Marri. These are the first literature sessions to be streamed locally over a 5G network in the entire Middle East.

Sports Day

It was official. Children of all ages were allowed to jump, shout, throw, run, march and make merry. The sports days had arrived. And all those who carry a torch for fitness were in the stands cheering.


Recess Radio

In the month that celebrates World Radio Day, our local presenters rolled the ball for a clean feed during break-time. MSB’s in-house radio programme is the broadcast platform that will have a voice and make a difference. Expect pertinent topics, anecdotes and pleasantries - but no old chestnuts! Entirely student-led.

Far Beyond Facts!

Based on the human voice, radio is a uniquely personal medium, invoking a listener’s imagination to fill in mental images around the broadcast sounds.

(Source: Britannica)

TELCO Tennis Academy

Our association with the TELCO Tennis Academy gives everyone in the MSB family an opportunity to get certified tennis training at our secondary campus.
Advantage: YOU.
Why? Because we "love all"!

Science Week

Step aside Einstein - the MSBians are here. And they celebrated STEM with the fervour of a bubbling chemical solution. Assemblies, DIY experiments, quizzes, debates, 3D models and more - all planned with microscopic details. Eureka!

Ahsanti! Hasana

MSB’s Primary and Secondary campuses were awarded 1st and 2nd place respectively (top 5) in the Dubai Health Authority Hasana Program as per the audit 2019-20, amongst the private schools in Dubai.

Event Checklist

  • Feb 1
    Double Dialogue - Years 8-11
  • Feb 3
    Admissions Open House - Foundation Stage
  • Feb 4
    Cricket Ball Throw competition

    (Part of Annual Sports Day) - Secondary
  • Feb 4
    ENBD Poetry For All Recital competition final round (Insiya Saifee)

    Al Rimal, Dubai Festival City - Year 10
  • Feb 5
    Festival of Literature - Interview with Hazza Al Mansoori (live telecast) - Years 6-11 boys
  • Feb 5-6
    Annual Sports Days - KS2, KS3
  • Feb 6
    Raising Attainment Program - Parents induction - Year 2
  • Feb 7
    BWA Fair – MSB Robotronics 2020
  • Feb 9-18
    Monthly tests - Years 1-2, 8-10
  • Feb 10-19
    Monthly tests - Years 3-6
  • Feb 10
    Inter-school English, Math and Science competition

    Al Salam Private School, Dubai - Years 3-6
  • Feb 12
    IEYC exit point Weather Wonders

    Inter-school Art competition
    Al Salam Private School, Dubai - Year 6
  • Feb 13
    Assembly - The Adventures of Travelling (Wonders of the World) - Year 1D
  • Feb 14, 16, 18
    ISA exam - Year 10
  • Feb 16
    BYOD commences - Years 6, 7
  • Feb 17
    IEYC exit point Ocean Treasures - FS2
  • Feb 20
    Assembly - The Enormous Potato - FS1 Lotus
  • Feb 22
    Quran e Majeed Tilawat - Ibtida by Aqa Maula TUS Shareqa Masjid - Years 2, 3
  • Feb 23-27
    Science Week - Years 1-10
  • Feb 23
    Students Teaching Students - Years 5, 6 teaching FS2
  • Feb 23
    Visit to Nahda Pond Park - FS1
  • Feb 23
    Science Week Assembly - Scientists of the World - 8C
  • Feb 26
    Raising Attainment Programme - Years 4, 6
  • Feb 27
    Inter-class debate - Tug of Words War - Years 7, 8
    Years 9, 10
  • Feb 27
    2nd mock exam - Year 11
  • Feb 29
    Health and Safety Workshop COVID-19 – Support staff

Ahsanti! Hasana

MSB’s Primary and Secondary campuses were awarded 1st and 2nd place respectively (top 5) in the Dubai Health Authority Hasana Program as per the audit 2019-20, amongst the private schools in Dubai.


March 2020

A sombre, early spring. The nation continued to line up against COVID-19. We moved our classes online.

Far Beyond Facts!

The e-learning market is over two decades old. Since 2000, the e-learning global industry has grown by 900% and is expected to triple in size between 2020-25.

(Source: Skillscouter)

Distance Learning

FS to years 11 will harness the power of technology to continue with regular learning once school reopens after spring. Two mandated weeks of Google Classroom and SMART Notebook PowerPoint will get our students geared up for an exciting term ahead.

Dr. Seuss’ Birthday

Our continued focus on reading and this being the Month of Reading, only meant one thing: It was time to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday on March 2nd. Theodore Seuss Geisel, an American author (under the pen name of Dr. Seuss) wrote and illustrated some of the world's most iconic children's books.

M-Fluencer Maths Quest 2020

Students completed math activities on Mangahigh.com from home, earned points and contributed to their school's position on the leaderboard. This online math competition for the Middle East, organised by Mangahigh - a game-based learning platform for mathematics - had every student make the extra effort. (Dedication + Skills) X Time = Victory!

Students' Coffee Morning

Aren't our children the quintessential trailblazers? Students unwind and open up about school life during a standout students' coffee morning. Well-Being Wednesdays!

Event Checklist

  • Mar 2
    Dr. Seuss’ Birthday Celebration - Years 4-11
  • Mar 2-5
    Awareness drive - Safety measures for prevention (COVID-19) - FS-Year 11
    All staff
  • Mar 3-5
    PE activities - Primary
  • Mar 4
    Pupil Enrichment Programme - All school
  • Mar 8
    DiDi final submissions
  • Mar 5
    Assembly - STEAM - Year 2A
  • Mar 5 - April 5
    Literacy Planet Trial Programme - Years 1-10
  • Mar 15-19
    M-Fluencer Maths Quest 2020
  • Mar 22 - April 2
    Distance learning - FS-Year 10

1. What is DiDi?

"DiDi stands for Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation. It is an academy where students explore how to be more creative."

"It is a project where we participants will experience designing and innovating for different companies such as Nike, Lego, DFC and WWF."

2. How many teams do you have?

"Around 3-4."

3. What projects are you working on?

"My team and I are working for Nike and we have to design a particular activity in each of the rooms according to a particular theme which we have decided. Flex space, community hub, Nike X you and an event calendar for the entire year."

"We are working on a project for IMAGINE (DFC) to amaze our audience and make a show on the basis of kids’ imaginations."

"We are working on designing a Lego store in such a way that Lego’s needs are met and more customers are attracted."

4. Interesting! Are you enjoying?

"Enjoyed a lot as we had to brainstorm, ideate, pitch and prototype our activities."

"We were able to imagine out-of-the-box and showcase our feelings and ideas,
so this is the best project I have ever had!"

"Yes. It has helped me open my mind and be even more creative."

"This showed the talent inside me which I didn't think about."

5. What is your advice to fellow participants?

"Never give up because it is a big project in which ups and downs
will surely come and you have to face them."

"No idea is wrong - every idea is good, you just need to listen
and upgrade it."

High and Mighty

Our young achievers.

Yusuf Sunelwala

Year 5
Complete Quran-e-Majeed Hifz

Munira Zirapurwala

Year 7
Complete Quran-e-Majeed Hifz

Husaina Khomosi

Year 8
Complete Quran-e-Majeed Hifz

MSB Dubai

Creativity Award - Juniors
Teamwork Award - Seniors
First Lego League
(Kings School, Dubai)

Years 3 and 4

3rd Position - Math
Inter-school Math competition
(Al Salam Private School, Dubai)

Year 5

1st Position - Science
Inter-school Science competition
(Al Salam Private School, Dubai)

Haider Najmi

Year 6
2nd Position
English Poem Recitation
(Al Salam Private School, Dubai)

Zahra Hamidi

Year 6
2nd Position
Art competition
(Al Salam Private School, Dubai)

Sports Days - Winning list

March Past - Girls:
Winners - Blue
1st Runners-up - Yellow

March Past - Boys:
Winners - Red
1st Runners-up - Yellow

Winners - Blue
1st Runners-up - Yellow

Overall championship:
Champions - Blue
1st Runners-up - Red

Burhanuddin Jabalpurwala - Blue

Sports Days - Individual champions

Zahra Hamidi - Red

Sports Days - Individual champions

Huzefa Abbas Ali - Yellow

Sports Days - Individual champions

Farida Adnan - Blue

Sports Days - Individual champions

Aliasgar Barbhaya - Red

Super Seniors
Sports Days - Individual champions

Mariya Sadriwala - Green

Super Seniors
Sports Days - Individual champions

Red House

Inter-house Science Quiz competition

Blue House

Inter-house Quiz competition: It’s All About UAE

High Note

We’re doing very well, thank you!

Emotional and Physical Health Well-Being Indicator measures happiness, optimism, satisfaction with life, emotional regulation, absence of sadness, absence of worries and overall health.

Development Assets Indicator measures connectedness to adults at school, connectedness to adults at home, peer belonging, emotional engagement with teachers and friendship intimacy.

MSB matches Dubai’s average in Emotional and Physical Well-Being, and exceeds it in Development Assets!

(Dubai Student Wellbeing Census 2019-20 conducted by KHDA)

If you’re happy and you know it, you’re at MSB.

High Quote