Dear Reader,

We looked for Socialising, but it sat up on a Cloud
We could Poke, Like and Nudge - but handshakes weren't allowed

Tried to get a hold of Meeting, but it was caught in a Web
No board rooms or conference rooms - it was Google Meet instead

Where were Primary and Secondary? Maybe entering a Field?
Seems like the only stage is Binary, a thorough search revealed

We did connect with Assessment - it was lounging on a Net
It said "yes" to Quizizz and Forms, but no word on papers yet

Finally, we reached for Satisfaction - it was Virtually out there
Offline and Online - we ensured it was everywhere!

We have been as busy as bees but we simply cannot keep our distance from you. Get ready to browse and breeze through term-3... Surf's up!


April: Bit by Bit 2020

Education in a classroom without walls. Hello virtual world! We want a byte of the cherry!

World Health Day

Nurses and midwives keep the world a healthier place - could there have been a more fitting celebration for them this April? Marked by the WHO as a day to recognise their critical contribution, especially in the wake of COVID-19, MSBians too charted their own course for expressing gratitude and making a difference. Posters, poems, letters, videos, nutritious meals, reusable masks, quizzes, reports and statistical pie graphs made it possible to say a healthy "thank you".

Parent Well-Being and Guidance Seminars

Were screens giving our honourable partners the heebie-jeebies? It was time to reduce the glare. MSB’s multiple Well-Being and Guidance Seminars for our parents from FS to years 11 inculcated positive attitudes, focused on constructive mindsets, informed of online platforms and ensured them of our constant support and availability.

Calligraphy Workshop: Arabic Khat

Calligraphy is the artistic expression of handwriting and the Arabic "khat" is derived from line, design or construction. Our students put pencil to paper and tried their creative hand at converting the alphabet to a form of art. Jameel!

Earth Day

Our planet has been consumed by a formidable enemy. Mankind has played its part in destruction and conservation. On Earth Day it was time for a global voice. And our students spoke up using a cornucopia of ideas. Digital films to debates, skits to scavenger hunts, origami to out-of-this-world experiences! Get well soon Earth.

Grow a Recycled Tree

Sustainability comes in all shades of green. No lockdown was going to stop our environmental ambassadors from recycling and reusing. In the pot of ideas, using the soil of imagination and with the water of good intentions, our students rolled up their sleeves and "grew" recycled trees. We hope for a day when there will be fresh air for these plants and they will all come together in an MSB garden of social responsibility. We will invite you to take a stroll!

Above and Beyond Facts!

The pandemic has resulted in schools shut all across the world. Globally, over 1.2 billion children are out of the classroom.

(Source: World Economic Forum)

Gratitude to UAE Rulers

Our students from year 2 wrote endearing letters to the Rulers of UAE, thanking them for keeping us safe and protected. Drawing from the enigma of the historic scrolls, our young ones embedded their messages on e-scrolls; a becoming regality for our country’s leaders.


  • March 8-22
    Quran al Majeed: Remedial classes for students to improve tilawat - For targeted students from years 3 to 7
  • March 22
    Online Learning commences - All school
  • March 29
    Virtual art classes commence - All school
  • March 29
    Virtual PE classes commence - All school
  • April 1 onwards
    Online debate using Kialo.com - Years 8-10
  • April 2
    KHDA survey - Years 7-11
  • April 2
    MSB teacher well-being survey - All teachers
  • April 5
    Virtual debate - Year 11
  • April 7
    World Health Day: Year of the Nurse and Midwife - All school
  • April 8
    MSB all school parent survey - All school
  • April 9 & 11
    Parent well-being and guidance seminar - Years 3-5
  • April 13-23
    MSBs from India attend our virtual classes - All school
  • April 16
    Parent well-being and guidance seminar - Years 6-11
  • April 16
    Calligraphy workshop 1: Arabic khat - Open to all
  • April 16
    Virtual tour - Jungle - FS
  • April 18-19
    Parent well-being and guidance seminar - FS-year 2
  • April 19
    Virtual tour - Planetarium - FS
  • April 19
    Class assessments - Years 1-10
  • April 19
    Calligraphy workshop 2: Arabic khat - Open to all
  • April 19-22
    Orientation for Shehrullah Ohbat - Years 6-11
  • April 21
    MSBrew for teachers - All school
  • April 22
    Earth Day - All school
  • April 22
    Grow a Recycled Tree - Years 3-8
  • April 22
    Letters of gratitude to UAE Rulers - Year 2

May: Shift and Enter 2020

Trailblazers on a path untrodden. We welcomed all to our Online Learning world! Windows open!

Huffaz Kiraam Seminar

Huffaz Kiraam from three MSB centres in India conducted a seminar on the importance of Hifz al-Quran-al-Kareem. Children benefitted from valuable tips, advice and guidance for enhanced memorisation, recitation, articulation and revision.

Digital English Week

Let’s shuffle this weather; ruffle some feathers
Don’t muffle or tether; no kerfuffle when we’re together!

Students across the school used their poetic licenses to commemorate literature’s crowning glory with portrait poems, WOW words, parodies, soliloquys, escape rooms and the Soapbox competition.

Above and Beyond Facts!

To ensure a successful implementation of the distance learning process, the MoE (UAE) conducted a one-week remote professional training for 25,000 government school teachers and administrators, in addition to more than 9,200 private school teachers and principals.

(Source: u.ae)


Moral Education: Panel Discussion

Where are your loyalties placed? An insightful and vigilant conversation amongst our year 10 thinkers, answering to the pertinent question: Should sportsmen represent their own nations or the nations they reside in?

Islamic Studies Week

The week that spoke of the month. MSBians reflected and recorded the significance, benefits and rewards of sawm, iftar and good deeds during the Holy month of Ramadan. Ahkaam-ud-Tajweed trainings by students to family members were combined with doctor sessions on fasting and diets, alongside manifestations of noble Ahadeeth. And our humblest offering of thanks in the form of a Shukr Wall. Alhamdolillah.


  • May 3-7
    Digital English Week - All school
  • May 6
    The Student Voice survey - Years 5-11
  • May 6
    Form Tutor time introduced - All school
  • May 7
    International Nurses Day - All school
  • May 9
    ME panel discussion - Should sportsmen represent their country of origin or the country they reside in? - Year 10
  • May 9
    Gratitude to mothers - All school
  • May 10
    Session by MSB IELTS Ambassador - Years 10-11
  • May 10-14
    Islamic Studies Week - All school
  • May 11
    Distance Learning Evaluation by KHDA - All school
  • May 11
    MSB Reader's Cup - Year 6
  • May 12
    Recess Radio is reinstated as Distance Radio - All school
  • May 12-13
    NGRT - Years 4-9
  • May 13
    E-tehniyat cards competition - Years 4-10
  • May 13
    Doctor's talk: Health benefits of fasting - Years 8-10
  • May 13
    Student session for family members on rules of 'Qalqalah' - Year 5
  • May 20
    Huffaz Kiraam from three MSB centres in India conducted a session on Hifz-al-Quran-al-Kareem - Years 6-7
  • May 21
    Worldwide webinar with Shz Husain Bhaisaheb Burhanuddin Saheb DM - Hifz students (juz 6 and above), parents and teachers
  • May 23
    270 Khatm-al-Quran recorded by MSB students - All school
  • May 26
    Khatm-al-Quran-al-Kareem amal commenced for Shawwal - All school (as applicable)
  • May 27
    Virtual classes commence - FS
  • May 28
    MSBrew for teachers - All school
  • May 31
    Blended learning introduced - All school

June: The Other Slide 2020

Slow, steady and sensible wins the race. We kept a cheerful Outlook! Our attitude made us Excel! You have our Word!

Above and Beyond Facts!

A study by Britain's Open University found that producing and providing e-learning courses consumes an average of 90% less energy and produces 85% fewer CO2 emissions per student than traditional classroom courses.

(Source: Shiftelearning)

World Oceans Day

They may be students but they have responsible agendas on their minds. Using discussion, art, posters and drawings, our children told the world to "be a part of the solution, not the pollution’. Making waves already!

Virtual Tours

Itinerary for June: Let’s begin close to home at the Al Shindagha Museum. Have a roaring time in the jungles. Make a splash at Canada and the Niagara Falls. Attempt an edge-of-the-seat roller coaster ride at Disneyland. Then close the excitement with an atmospheric trip to space! Our virtual tours had imaginations soaring, without anyone moving an inch. All the fun, minus the baggage claims and jet lag!

DIDI Workshops

DIDI (Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation) students and faculty banded together to create the DIDI Agile Factory. This initiative aimed at addressing the challenges that emerged during COVID-19 through creative problem solving, critical thinking and an innovation-oriented mindset. Our students participated in workshops which included ‘Hacking Manufacture - Online Roundtable’ and "Does the internet know who you really are?’.

Online Debates using Kialo.com

Kialo is the platform for rational debates, empowering reason through friendly and open discussions.
What are the pros and cons of a traditional classroom vs. an online classroom?
What was the role of US with the UN during the Korean War?
What are the effects of IT on employment? Boon or bane?
Our students delved deep and began conversations that mattered.

Graduation Day

In a milestone virtual celebration, our year 10 students took their year 11 friends down memory lane and presented a heartfelt show with skits, games, felicitations and conferring of graduation certificates by teachers. Farewell, but not goodbye!


MSB has been rated 'Developed' in the Distance Learning Evaluation (DLE) of May 2020. The KHDA were impressed with our students' participation in lessons, their attendance, planning and delivery of lessons by teachers and our effective communication with parents. ('Developed' is the highest rating awarded by the KHDA during DLE.)


  • June 1-30
    Oral assessments of Wudu and Namaz Adeyat - All school (as applicable)
  • June 1 onwards
    Virtual lab - Gizmos laboratory experiment - Years 3 onwards
  • June 1
    Debate: Role of America with the UN in the Korean War - Year 10
  • June 2
    DIDI Project Design Space Season 4 Finals - Team Defiers for Nike - Years 5-8 category
  • June 3
    Worldwide MSB Schools webinar presided over by Shz Qusai Bhaisaheb Vajihuddin Saheb DM - Board of Governors and School Management
  • June 3
    Assembly - Mental Health and Well-Being - Year 6
  • June 3
    Self-esteem and reflection quiz - Years 10-11
  • June 3-9
    Virtual tour - Al Shindagha Museum - Years 4 & 9
  • June 7
    Assembly - World Environment Day - Year 9A
  • June 7
    Talk by Mr. Danielle, (Weather Satellite Scientist) US Meteorology Department - Year 4
  • June 7-10
    Virtual one-to-one meetings with parents commence - FS
  • June 8
    World Oceans Day - Be a part of the solution, not the pollution - All school
  • June 8
    DIDI workshop: Hacking Manufacture Online Roundtable - Years 6-7
  • June 9
    Virtual tour - Disneyland - Year 2
  • June 9
    DIDI workshop: Does the internet know who you really are? - Years 8-9
  • June 9
    Virtual Graduation Day organised by year 10 for year 11 - Years 10-11
  • June 10
    Virtual tour - Canada - Year 2
  • June 14
    Assembly - Make a Difference - Year 7A
  • June 14
    Transition completed - Let's Celebrate - KS1 to KS2
  • June 14
    Transition begins - FS
  • June 15
    Final examinations commenced - Years 1-10
  • June 15
    Assembly - Migratory Birds - Year 1A
  • June 15
    DIDI Career Talk eLivrary - Years 10-11
  • June 16
    Assembly - International Day of Yoga - Year 1B
  • June 17
    Tilawat-al-Quran-al-Kareem survey - Years 1-11 (internal)
  • June 17
    Wudu and Namaz survey - Years 1-11 (internal)
  • June 17
    Assembly - World Laughter Day - Year 1C
  • June 17
    Assembly - Five Pillars of Well-Being - Year 7C
  • June 18
    Assembly - The Secret of Happiness - Year 1D
  • June 21
    World Yoga Day - Primary
  • June 21
    International Day Of Fathers - Primary
  • June 22
    Assembly - It's All About Time - Year 7B
  • June 22
    Assembly - The Story of Mathematics - Year 2A
  • June 23
    Assembly - World Environment Day - Year 2B
  • June 24
    Assembly - Knowledge is Power and so is Technology - Year 2C
  • June 24
    Assembly - The Positive Side of the Lockdown - Year 6A
  • June 25
    Assembly - Being Thankful - Year 2D
  • June 25-30
    Assemblies - Exploring Tourist Destinations - Year 10
  • June 29
    The Hare and the Tortoise
    Three Billy Goats Gruff
    The Gingerbread Man
    The Rainbow Fish
    - FS2
  • June 30
    End of term assembly - How Can I Make the Summer Break an Effective One? - Years 3-5
  • July
    Online results - All school
  • July
    MSB Honours 2020 - All school

This term we zoom in on the ever-popular Recess Radio with a tête-å-tête between Zainab Lokhandwala (Student Head of Recess Radio), Burhanuddin Jawadwala (Video Compiler) and Luluva Dalda (Recess Radio Participant).

What is Recess Radio?

Zainab: The Recess Radio is an in-school entertainment channel that is by, of, and for the students of MSB Dubai. Aimed at fostering a sense of oneness and belongingness, the Recess Radio offers "info-tainment" by way of news, views, opinionated perspectives and exciting challenges for the students every week, during the recess break. Due to the pandemic situation, Recess Radio was transformed into "Distance Radio’. With the help of two aspiring video editors, the Recess Radio team compiled artistic and animated videos with voice-overs from different students.

Why was this project started?

Zainab: The objective is to provide a unique forum (new and challenging) for the students to develop their public speaking skills. It is to boost the confidence level and give exposure eventually to every student and encourage creativity and innovation through original, informative and entertaining challenges and competitions.

How has this project benefitted you as a student?

Zainab: While leading this project, there were innumerable skills which I embraced. Team building, which helped me embed effective communication skills and resolve conflicts. Problem-solving, to make quick decisions and ensure proper time management. Information literacy, taught me how to separate fact from fiction.

Burhanuddin: I have benefitted a lot because I was going to be making a video that would be presented in front of the entire MSB Secondary. At first I thought I could do it but the more I thought I achieved, the harder it became for me to edit as it had to be perfect, so I learnt how to polish video projects and keep in mind the audience. We, the Distance Radio team, set a deadline and we worked hard towards it and when I saw my first video ready I felt like I won the race!

Luluva: Interactive Recess Radio sessions gave me, as a student, basic skills in universal, cross-cutting themes and general and universal principles like time management and collaboration between our team and the Head. Most of our speaking skills were enhanced.

How challenging was it to continue Recess Radio virtually as 'Distance Radio'?

Burhanuddin: In school, we had Recess Radio but because of the circumstances we changed the name of Recess Radio to Distance Radio. I thought Recess Radio would be discontinued and now it will continue after school reopens, but Zainab thought if everything is online then why not the radio too? Ms. Sarrah gave me the opportunity to be a part of Distance Radio as she saw my video editing skills in class, and Distance Radio began!

What is your vision for Recess Radio in the months and years to come?

Luluva: Five years from now I want Recess Radio to talk about scientific discoveries and more about entertainment or how it has to be presented. I feel like there's a lot we are unaware of about discoveries.

Zainab: As an ambitious MSB student, I would like to make the Recess/Distance Radio popular and noticeable to all the MSB Schools around the world. This could be a collaborative project between the MSB Schools and towards the end, everyone is learning!

High and Mighty

Our young achievers.

Yusuf Mulla Qusai bhai Sunelwala, Year 5A

IQRA Sanad (Al-Azhar University, Misr)

Mukammal Quran-e-Majeed Hifz

(Holds the Mukammal Quran Hifz Sanad from Mahad al Zahra, Surat)

MSB Dubai

Season 4 Finalists - Team Defiers for Nike

DIDI Project Design Space

Zainab Lokhandwala - Year 9A


Soap Discourse competition

Fatema Ghadiali - Year 10


Soap Discourse competition

Tasneem Hakimuddin Gadiwala - Year 10


Soap Discourse competition

Year 1 - 2nd place in Global Region

All year groups - Finalists

LiteracyPlanet International Word Mania competition

High Tech

Online learning has taken the world by storm. We've pushed the boat out with these tools and resources.


A platform to create interactive exercises with easy integration to other programs.


Collaborative writing tool to inspire students in writing.


An app to build classroom communities with teachers, parents and students.


Interactive science simulations to bring powerful learning experiences to the classroom.

Google Classroom

Gets students on to a common class forum. Facilitates exchange of files between teachers and students.

Google Jamboard

Interactive whiteboard offering a rich, collaborative experience for teams and classrooms.

Google Meet

Real time meetings with the option to share desktop and presentations.

GoTo Meeting

Online meetings, video and web conferencing software.


Create, share and reuse interactive content.


Game-based learning platform. "Kahoots" are user-generated multiple-choice quizzes that can be accessed online or via the app.


A public discussion platform designed to facilitate debates.

LbQ (Learning by Questions)

A classroom app filled with curriculum-aligned question sets.


Interactive online English literacy education programme for young learners.


Game-based learning platform for primary and secondary math.


Interact with an audience using real time voting.


Online teaching and homework subscription website for math.


Access to digital books. Personalised literacy programme.


A student engagement platform where teachers can create presentations with quizzes, videos and more. Access to k-12 aligned lessons.

Pear Deck

Interactive presentation tool. Slides add-on for Google Slides.


Online platform to facilitate peer feedback.


Gamified quizzes for every subject.


Online reference and tools for math.


A student engagement platform with the option to use creative tools and capture learning in a portfolio.

SMART Learning Suite

Allows teachers to open SMART Notebook lessons anywhere and share them to any device.

High Quote